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Quality Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are an important part of the home that we don’t think about often. They’re just kind­of there. Take them away, and it’s a different story. Add mismatched cabinet pulls, and you’ll notice them a lot more.

The thing that makes Maynardville cabinets so great is that they fit beautifully into your home with tasteful features like picture frame doors and brushed nickel cabinet pulls. 30” overhead cabinets come with most models and provide ample space putting the things you use most in perfect reach. Changing the style or color of your cabinets can completely change the feel of your kitchen. We provide three cabinet styles and five colors that allow you to have the choice in what feeling you want your kitchen to have.

Now that you’re thinking more about cabinets, keep in mind that our quality, style, and flexibility in cabinets is a built­in benefit that you get every time when you purchase a Maynardville home.