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Clayton is dedicated to ensuring each and every home is properly installed. In our efforts to provide our customers with the best home possible, we have provided brand specific installation instructions for our builders and customers. These documents provide our builders with important reference information that will allow them to better install your home to ensure your safety and protect your investment in your home.

Builders please note that each brand specific manual contains slightly different structural connection requirements unique to the brand of home.


Our Installation Manual provides one method to install your home. We recognize that there are numerous alternative stabilizing systems available to our builders, all of which could not be included in our installation manuals. The systems listed in this section have been designed by registered professional engineers and approved by third party inspection agencies (DAPIA) for use with our HUD coded homes. Systems listed in this section have met the requirements of the applicable HUD regulations, however their inclusion does not signify our endorsement of any particular system or product.

Builders, please note that these systems are not approved for use with our modular coded homes.


The Homeowner Manual will help the homeowner to learn about their new home and how to enjoy all of it’s features. Special care is needed to preserve the home and keep it in good working order. Inside the manual, there is information on the responsibilities of the homeowner as well as main areas that should receive regular attention.


Please download, complete, and return the Homeowner Information Form by clicking the button below. In order to turn your P.O. into an order, we must have a fully completed form. Estimated offline dates will be calculated when the P.O. is made an order.